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Travel To Tibet With Children

Travel Tibet with Children, Lhasa tour with kidsIt's not wise to bring a very small kid to travel to Tibet. Kids are usually getting more easily tired of an endless round of monasteries. But on the other hand, children can be a great ice-breaker and generally generate a lot of interest. There are certain things you could bear in mind if you are obliged to travel with children:

  1. Choose to stay in connected rooms which are available in most of up-class hotels in Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsedang. (see the hotel list ) .Added bed is usually not very comfortable, meanwhile most of hotel rooms in Tibet are not spacious for adding beds.
  2. Try to stay in Lhasa or around as living conditions (medical , accommodation, food) in remote areas of Tibet are very basic and harsh.
  3. Get more contacts with local people may bring fun and interest of children. Kids are easily getting bored by sitting in coach. Arranging some easy walk in local village will be a sound idea.
    You could visit some local school, let your children communicate with their cotemporary kids may be constructive and funny. There is a Blind School in Lhasa which is built by a German Blind lady is a good and easy place to visit.
  4. Bring all supplies(including nappies and medicines) with you . Small spoons can be useful as most places have only chopsticks. There is plenty of boiling water to sterilize bottles etc.
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