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Home >> Tibet Travel Guide >> Frequently Ask Questions For Tibet Travel, Tibet Tour FAQs

Frequently Ask Questions For Tibet Travel

Tibet Travel FAQ1. Which documents sind essential, when foreign travellers trip to Tibet?

For Tibet tours, foreign travelers must have not only a standard Chinese visa but also a special travel permit which must be issued in either Lhasa,Chengdu, Kunming, Beijing, Xi¡¯an or Xining. That means that a standard Chinese visa is not sufficient for Tibet tour, and individual travel for foreigners is not permitted within Tibet, in some special places, travelers must even have military permit also. Chinese visa are generally obtained from most Chinese embassies and consulates.

2. How to obtain the Alien's Permit?

To obtain such permits, it is necessary to make your travel arrangements through a bona fide agency, providing details of full name, sex, nationality, date of birth, occupation, and passport number. Please note that it¡¯s also impossible to obtain flights to Tibet without the Travel permit.The permits themselves specify every destination and town that you wish to visit and can not be changed once you have arrived in Tibet, therefore be certain to detail all possible destinations in your request as well as the route you wish to follow.

3. When to go, what is travel peak season in Tibet?

April-June and September-November are generally the best and most popular months. The rainy seasons are generally July and August. The travel peak season is from May to October. Normal cultral tours in Tibet are also available in rainy season.

4. How to enter Tibet? what are the most important gateway cities?

There are five main gateway cities offering access to Tibet: Chengdu (in Sichuan),Kunming (in Yunnan), Xining (in Qinhai), Kashgar (in Xinjiang) and Kathmandu (in Nepal).

You can reach Tibet by land or air. Click hier to see information about flights to Tibet.

There are only two civilian airport in Tibet: Gonggar Airport near Lhasa and Bangda Airport near Chamdo.

5. Is indepentend trip to Tibet allowed?

Tibet Tour FAQNo, all tours of foreign travellers must be organized by travel agency, and it's not allowed to travel in Tibet without tour guide except Lhasa City.

6. what are the most popular highlights in Tibet?

Click hier to get detailed information.

7. Is it possible trip to Tibet in Winter?

Yes! Although it's cold in winter in Tibet, it's sunny and clear almost every day, and less tourists trip to Tibet in this period, so you can take the available Tibet tours with very good price! Available Tibet tours in Winter to Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Tsedang are available.

Notes: Trips to most places of Tibet are not accessible due to coldness and hard road conditions!!

8. Are all Tibetans Buddhists?

Although Tibetan Buddhism has become the main religious belief of local Tibetans, not all Tibetans believe in Buddhism. The Tibetan Buddhist followers explore and try to connect the relationship between humankind and Buddha, and all issues concerning human life and society, with the eventual attainment of enlightenment. This mode of thinking that guides their behavior and actions bears the inevitable stamp of Tibetan Buddhism.
Some scholars believe that the Bon religion also occupies and important position within the religious beliefs of the masses. On the one hand, Tibetan Buddhism has been formed through long-term struggle and blending of Buddhism and Bon; on the other, Bon still has great influence in some remote areas of Tibet.

9. How to book a Tibet tour?

If you have decided to take the Tibet tour, you should pay us 10-20% of tour costs as deposit, the rest can be transferred to us before your starting or paid once your arrival in China. You will get a detailed tour confirmations from us.

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