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Photography in Tibet

Photography in Tibet tour Lhasa travelPhotography in Tibet is a great enjoyment. Although there are many professional photographers have spent a lot of time and energy in depth Tibet shooting, but there are many ordinary tourists can get the superduper pictures easily here, even just use the normal camera and just shoot at the buildings or sceneries. So, don't mind you are a professional or not. But if you love photography, please remember the following tips:

1. Take as many as possible with film, in accordance with the experience than the usual multi-band double film;
2. You'd better to avoid buying film in remote areas.
3. Take Multi-band back-up battery, because the low temperature in Tibet will greatly reduce the battery life;
4. Protect your camera, do not make it a long time in Tibet under the sun exposure; carefully Tibet sand, do not rain in unclean environment or the use of camera;
5. You'd better to take the lens with a UV mirror, it can protect the lens, at the same time get a little bluer sky;
6. If possible, bring a small desktop tripod and flash, the camera will give you bring a lot of fun;

When you are in Tibet, please bear in your mind that don't photograph someone if they don't want you to. Especially don't take photos during a prayer meeting. When you are going to take picture of the wall or pagoda, especially when using a flash, please ask permission to take the photos. Because the flash may hurt the cultural relics.

If you want to take the photos of really Tibet, you'd better to take a journey to Ngari, you will have a vivid impression of the desolation and abstruse of Tibet.

If you want to take the natural scenery, you'd better to visit east of Tibet, Nyingchi area or south of Tibet, Mt. Everest.

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