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Tibet Travel Permit

1. Tibet Entry Permit
2. Tibet Travel Permit
3. Important Reminders

Currently Chinese travel regulations require that all persons traveling to Tibet must not only posses a Chinese visa, but also a permit granting entry for travel in Tibet. As a licensed travel operator, we are able to assist all of our customers with processing and obtaining the require documents for travel in Tibet. Application fees and arrangement costs are figured into the price when planning a trip to Tibet with us.

Tibet Entry Permit

Tibet Entry PermitThe Tibet Entry Permit is required for all travelers who wish to enter Tibet. The Tibet Entry Permit is available for all tourists (L-visa), businessmen (F-visa) and those sponsored for employment (Z-visa) in China.
A Tibet Entry Permit must be present to airline officials when boarding all flights to Tibet, as well as when purchasing train tickets to Tibet.
In order to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit, as a holder of a Tourist (L) visa , the following documents are required.

  • Passport
  • Chinese Visa
  • Information detailing
    Full name
    Date of birth
    Passport number
    For those holding Business (F) and Employment (Z) visas in China additional information is required. All applicants must prepare a written statement detailing their business/company information, duration of stay I Tibet, as well as purpose(s) for visiting Tibet.
    Applications for a Tibet Travel Permit must be submitted no fewer than 10 prior to a desired date of entry in to Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel PermitThe Tibet Travel Permit, also known as the Alien's Travel Permit, is required for entrance to all regions of Tibet officially listed as 'restricted'.
The Tibet Travel Permit is issued by the Foreign Affairs Sections of the Local Public Safety Bureau in Lhasa.
Currently the following regions of Tibet require a traveler to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit for visitation.

  • Tsetang: Samye Monastery, Tomb of Tibetan King, Changdruk Temple, Yumbulakhang
  • Shigatse: Sakya Monastery, The Mt. Everest, Rongbuk Monastery
  • Gyangtse: Pelkor Chode Monastery & Kubum Stupa
  • Nqari Region
  • Basumtso lake in Nyingchi Region
  • Chamdo Region
    Upon arrival in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, ExperiencTibet will assist all customers with the processing and acquisition of a Tibet Travel Permit.
    In order to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit the following documents must be presented to the authorities at the Public Safety Bureau in Lhasa.


  • Passport
  • Chinese Visa
  • Tibet Entry Permit
    The cost for acquiring a Tibet Travel Permit is 50 RMB and generally takes several hours to process.

Important Information

* Journalists, diplomats and officials representing foreign nations must arrange travel permits through the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibetans government.
** Individual travelers are prohibited from entering into Tibet. In order to enter into Tibet, as well as apply for a Tibet Entry Permit, a traveler must arrange a tour package with a licensed travel agency and/or operator. The minimum number of persons for a tour is two.
*** Be quite mindful that it is illegal for individuals, businesses & travel agencies/operators to sell a Tibet Entry Permit, without the purchase of a tour package. If offered such an opportunity, it is likely to be a scam.

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