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How To Get To Tibet: By train, flights and overland

It is much easier to get to Tibet nowadays than before, there are a number of ways to get there, more than 10 flights every day from inner China, Kathmandu, and you can also choose to take the tibet train from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, etc. Or overland from Golmud, Sichuan and Kathmandu.

Get To Tibet By flightBy Air
Flying in Tibet is considerably easier and quicker to acclimatize the weather here than taking trains or bus, as said by scientists, taking plane just takes people less time and you will spend less energy, body's adaptability will be much better, you will acclimatize the altitude easily and quickly.

It's quite easy to book the tickets, no permits needed. All the tickets are just e-tickets, we just need your passport number to issue it, what you should do at the airport is just show your passport and then, you can get the boarding card for the flights. Please remember to arrive at the airport about 2hrs before its departure, it takes time for passing the security checking. You also need the original Tibet Permit for flights or train according to the new regulations.

Most convienient way by air is from Chengdu, there are about 10 flights to/from Lhasa airport everyday. Three flights per day shuttling between Xi'an and Lhasa. Two flights shuttling between Beijing and Lhasa. There are also flights to Lhasa from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing , Kathmandu of Nepal and Zhongdian of Yunnan province.

By Train
Getting To Tibet By railway overlandIt's a highlight of Tibet since its openning of July 1st, 2006. More and more people would like to take one way train to Tibet, to experience the highest railway in the world, also enjoy its unique scenery along tibet railway. In case the altitude problem, all the trains to Tibet are equipted with Oxygen facilities; first-aid equipments.

You can take the train from Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Lanzhou or Xi'ning, also Golmud, there is daily train from Beijing and Xi'ning, on odd days, there is train from Shanghai and Chongqing, and there is train from Chengdu or Guangzhou on even days, it will be changed due to the different days in months, please check with your travel advisor for acurate departure, but the best way is to take the train from Xi'an, most of the trains will pass there, the same as in Xi'ning.

Overland to Tibet is possible, you can drive from Chengdu, Gnce, the journey is quite long and restricted by the seasons, polmud, Yunnan, Kathmand of Nepal, even from Xinjiang provilease avoid to drive overland from Chengdu, Yunnan and Kathmandu in July, August due to the rainy season, it often causes the Landslides and mud-rock flow. Avoid to drive from Xijiang and Golmud to Tibet in winter, the road may be frozen.

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