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Best Time To Travel Tibet: April To November? All Year Round!

Best Time To Travel Tibet yarlung zangbo riverWhat's is the best time to travel in Tibet? April to November or all around the year? It depends on following aspects: Weather in Tibet, Altitude in Tibet and your healty conditions.

Weather In Tibet
Firstly, the weather in Tibet is not as hash as many people imaged. It gets warmer and warmer in recent year and most of the places you can visit all around the year, the temperature is about -15 to 20 degree. The big feature of Tibet climate is that it varies greatly within a single day. So, you may don't need the Air conditioner in Summer here. And another big feature is the different area, the climate is big different. In the same winter, the east of Tibet is quite warm in daytime but in west tibet (Ngari prefecture) is terrible cold and even downto -30degree in daytime.

Altitude in Tibet
An altitude over 3,000 meters is usually defined as high altitude, and most places in Tibet are higher than this level, especially North area of Tibet and west of Tibet. But most places of the south and east area may lower than this altitude. There is the altitude list of main places of Tibet.

Place Altitude Place Altitude
Lhasa 3650m Nagchu 4507m
Tsedang 3500m Amdo 4800m
Nyingchi 3000m Shigatse 3835m
Pome 2750m Gyangtse 4040m
Chamdo 3200m Tingri 4300m
Mt. Everest B.C 5150m Ngari 4500m

Health Condition
According to the health sector and medical experts's suggestion, if you are going to travel to Tibet plateau you'd better to take a medical examination, and if have any one of the following diseases should not enter to the places with altitude of 3000 meters or above:

1, All kinds of heart disease or obvious cardiac arrhythmia or resting more than 100 times / min, high blood pressure and all kinds of blood diseases, cerebrovascular diseases.
2, chronic respiratory diseases. Moderate obstructive pulmonary diseases such as bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, pulmonary emphysema.
3, severe colds, upper respiratory tract infection, body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, those persons should not enter Tibet before the recover.
4, high-risk pregnant women.

In a word, if your health condition is quite good, your places going to travel are not too high, you can just get there all around the year, sunch as Lhasa area, Tsedang Area, Shigatse city and Nyingchi area. Of couse, for the high places such as the Nagcku profecturea and Mt.Everest area, Mt.Kailash of Ngari prefecture, you'd better visit there in Summer.

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