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Tibet Tourist Programs And Routes

Tibet Tourist programsIn the 21st century, Tibet has developed new programs to attract visitors. They include cultural tours, folklore tours, eco-tours, mountaineering tours, skiing tours, exploration tours, automobile tours, biking and hiking tours, horse riding tours, boating tours, hunting tours, fishing tours, hot balloon tours, sunlight bathing tours and hot spring tours. Thus far, it has formed four tourist zones centered on Lhasa, western Tibet, southwestern Tibet, and southern Tibet respectively. Centered on Lhasa, they bring together Xigaze and Shannan and cover Nagqu, Ngari and Nyingchi. They boast a total of over 60 scenic spots.

In 1993 Tibet developed two tour routes for the choice of visitors, respectively known as the eastern and western tour routes.

The eastern route (also known as the three river route) goes from Lhasa to Moizhogkungka, Gongbogyangda, Nyingchi, Mainling, Gyachag, Zetang and Lhasa. The western route goes from Lhasa to Xigaze, Lharze, Sagar, Zongba, Burang, Gar, Shiquanhe, Gegyi, Gaize, Coqen, Lharze, Xigaze and Lhasa. Both routes will take visitors to river valleys, forests, mountainous areas, snow peaks, scenic spots and cultural relics. At present, Tibet has also opened four tourist routes featuring landscapes. They are (1) Lhasa-Nyingchi-Shannan eco-tour, (2) Lhasa-Xigaze-Ngari sightseeing and pilgrimage tour; (3) Lhasa-Xigaze-Tingri-Zam sightseeing tour, and (4) Lhasa-Nagqu-Qinghai Grassland tour.

--In north Tibet, the average annual temperature is below zero degrees centigrade. Bitter winter lasts from October to May or June the next year. July and August are the most beautiful season on the grassland, with blossoming flowers and pleasant climate. A grand horse race is held during this period of time. So July and August are the golden season to visit north Tibet.

Tibet Tourist routes--In the Yarlung Zangbo River Valley of south Tibet, such as Lhasa, Shannan, Xigaze and Nyingchi, the tourist season lasts from May to October. Especially from July to August, south Tibet is nice and cool with average monthly temperature ranging 9.4-18.7 degrees centigrade. Many local festivals, such as the Shoton (Sour Milk Drinking) Festival, and tourist activities are held during the golden tourist season. Nyingchi as well as Zayu, Medog, Zam Town and Yadong, all with an elevation of less than 2,600 meters, enjoy spring-like weather. During winter and spring, Buddhists worship in monasteries in Lhasa. Visitors will also have chances to join them in attending the Grand Summons Ceremony, Lantern Festival, sorcerer¡¯s dance in the Potala Palace, the Lunar New Year¡¯s Day and the Tibetan New Year¡¯s Day. There are five 4A tourist areas in the region; they are the Jokhang Monastery, the Potala Palace, Norbu Lingka and Tibet Museum in Lhasa, as well as the Basum Co Lake.

--The best time to visit Ngari in west Tibet is from June to September, especially in June and July before the arrival of the rainy season when the roads are in better conditions. From November to February the next year, as the mountain passes can be sealed by heavy snow anytime, tourist activities are almost impossible.

--Various parts of east Tibet are found in the Henduan Mountain Ranges. Mountainous highways are buried under snow in winter and spring. In July and August, as it is the rainy season and mud-rock flow and landslide may occur anytime, tourist activities are usually prohibited. Therefore, the golden seasons of tourism in east Tibet are the period before the rainy season (May and June) and the period after the rainy season (September).

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