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Home >> Tibet Travel Guide >> Protection Of The Water Environment In Tibet

Protection Of The Water Environment In Tibet

Protection of the water environment in Tibet To enhance the protection of the water environment, Tibet had set up eight different kinds of environmental testing stations, 34 water quality-monitoring stations and three water and soil conservation monitoring stations by the end of 2005. According to the results, the water quality of the main rivers and lakes in Tibet remains high at the moment meeting all State quality standards. The water quality of the mainstream of main rivers such as Yarlung Zangbo River, Jinshajiang River, Nujiang River, and Lancangjiang River meets the second-class Environmental Quality Standard of Surface Water, and that of the rivers which pass through the main cities and towns such as Lhasa River, Nyang Qu River and Nyang River and so on reach the third-class standard, while the Rongbu River originating from the Everest region is rated as first-class. The water level of Yamzhog Yumco remains above the water line before generating electricity, and the water quality of Nam Co meets the first-class standard of Environmental Quality Standard of Surface Water, while the area of more than 1,500 other lakes in Tibet remain in a pristine state. The middle and deep layer groundwater as a concentrated source of water supply for the main cities and towns has abundant quantity and good quality up to the second-class standard of the Environmental Quality Standard of Groundwater.

In 2005, the discharge of the industrial liquid wastes was 10.0854 million tons, up 1.6 percent over the previous year, and that of the daily sewage in cities and towns reached 35.636 million tons, an increase of 1.6 percent over 2004. The COD level in the industrial liquid waste was 1071.57 tons, down 8.1 percent over the previous year and a decrease of 60.6 percent compared with that of 2000 (2,719.77 tons).

Protection of the water environment in Tibet From 2006 to 2010, Tibet will take comprehensive measures to protect the water resources of the main rivers such as Yarlung Zangbo, Jinshajiang, Nujiang, Lancangjiang, Lhasa River, Nianchu, Niyang and Yalong rivers and harness their mainstreams to keep the water of rivers and groundwater from being polluted and attain the environmental protection target that different kinds of sources of pollution can be discharged within standards and the total quantity of the characteristic contamination can be controlled. Meanwhile, the comprehensive programming of water resources will be strengthened with the completion of that pertaining to the Yarlung Zangbo, Nujiang and Lancangjiang rivers areas coming first, while the preparatory work of the key water control project of Pangduo and Laluo with its supplementary irrigated area and the project of the ecological irrigated area to the north of Yarlung Zangbo River will be speeded up. The project of ensuring safe drinking water in farming and pasturing areas will be implemented more quickly so that any existing problems will have been solved by 2010.

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