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Home >> Tibet >> Shigatse (Xigaze) & Southern Tibet

Shigatse (Xigaze) & Southern Tibet

Mt. Everest, Tibet tour China Travel Lhasa trip
Mt. Everest, Tibet Travel China tour Lhasa trip
Mt. Everest, Tibet tours Lhasa trip China Travel
Mt. Everest, Tibet tour Travel Lhasa trip China

Located in central south part of Tibet, Xigaze Prefecture abuts Bhutan and Nepal. Covering an area of 180,000 square km, it is home mainly to Tibetans. Other ethnic groups found here include the Han, Hui, Mongolian, Naxi, plus Sherpa people.

The prefecture is home to many plateau pastures, fields, forests, and snow-covered peaks. The Qomolangma Nature Reserve boasts the world's highest most intact vertical eco-system. Major places of historical interest include Tashilhungpo Monastery, Sagya Monastery, ruins of the Zongshan Mountain Resisting the British Invaders Site, Xialhu Monastery, Deqoi Monastery, Zholma Lhakang and other cultural relics units, as well as the Natang Monastery, Rongbu Monastery, Palkor Monastery and the site of the former Parlha Manor.

Xigaze Prefecture is major area for the development of mountaineering in Tibet partly because it boasts five peaks each rising at least 8,000 meters above sea level: Qomolangma (8,844.43 meters), Lho Tse (8,516m), Makalu (8,463m), Cho Oyu (8,201m) and Xixabangma (8,012m). In the past two decades or so, China has opened 44 high peaks and mountaineering routes. Foreign mountaineering teams climbing Qomolangma now number over 20 a year.

Native produce of the prefecture includes wooden bowls wrapped in silver, tea tray and frames, Tibetan carpets, golden thread hats, Tibetan knives and kardian cushions.

Shigatse Travel Attractions
Gyantse Fort
Mt. Everest
New Palace of Panchen
Palkhor Monastery
Rongbuk Monastery
Sakya Monastery
Shalu Monastery
Tashilhunpo Monastery
Tsurphu Monastery
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