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Nyingchi, Tibet Travel Lhasa trip
Nyingchi, Tibet tour Lhasa Travel
Nyingchi, Tibet tours China Travel
Nyingchi, Tibet Travel China tour

Located in southeastern Tibet, Nyingchi Prefecture is on the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. It abuts India and Myanmar to the south. Covering an area of 99,700 square km, it is home to the Tibetan and Han, as well as Moinba and Lhoba ethnic groups.

Under the impact of the warm air current from the Indian Ocean, Nyingchi Prefecture is free from unbearably hot weather in summer and freezing cold in winter. It is blessed with plentiful precipitation and humidity. Forests covering 2.64 million hectares teem with giant spruce trees some more than 200 years old, while the oldest cypress tree is 2,500 years old. Timber reserves exceed 800 million cubic meters. The number of known higher plants reaches some 2,000. The lowest elevation is about 1,000 meters. Some places in the prefecture are suitable for growing rice, oranges, bananas and lemon. Rare wildlife includes Bengal tigers, Yunnan golden monkeys, leopards, bears and antelopes. Native produce include tube of elevated gastrodia, pseudo ginseng, fritillaria, Hongjintian, Chinese caterpillar fungus, glossy ganoderma and other medicinal herbs, as well as more than 120 kinds of fungi. Nang County’s Tibetan hats and wooden bowls, Bome’s “Qomolangma tea”, and Ye’ong Tibetan knives, Zayu’s woven bamboo products and Tibetan wooden bowls are famous in China.

Nyingchi boasts eight scenic areas comprising 40 scenic spots. They include ones acknowledged as outstanding by world tourism organizations, 4A ones recommended by the China National Tourism Bureau, as well as the national forest park known as Basum Co Scenic Area. Others include the Namjiagbawa Scenic Area, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Yi’ong Geological Park and Serchila State Forest Park.

Nyingchi Travel Attractions
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