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Ngari, Tibet Travel Lhasa trip
Ngari, Tibet tour Lhasa Travel
Ngari, Tibet tour China Travel
Ngari, Tibet Travel China tour

Located in western Tibet, Ngari Prefecture abuts Kashmir, India and Nepal to the south and west. With the border extending 116 km, the prefecture has over 60 mountain mouths leading to other parts of the world. Of the seven counties under its jurisdiction, three engage entirely in livestock breeding, and four in mixed farming and livestock breeding. It covers an area of 303,000 square km, with relatively low population density.

The prefecture holds an important place in China’s cultural and economic exchanges with the west. It is home to ancient civilization of Zhangzhung and the Bon religion.

With an average elevation of 4,500 meters, the prefecture is full of scenic wonders including glaciers, extensive plateau plant coverage, Gobi desert, rippling rivers and lakes, green fields, clay forests, and wildlife. Its Shiqianhe River, Kongquehe River, Xiangquanhe River and Maquanhe River are respectively sources of the Indus, Ganges, Sutlej and Yarlung Zangbo Rivers. It is also home to the sites of many ancient civilizations such as the ruins of Guge Kingdom, Toding Monastery, Donggar Frescos and Ritog Cliff Paintings. In Burang County is the holy mountain of Kangrenboqe, the chief peak of Kangdese Mountains, and the holy lake Mapang Yumco. Both hold an important place in Asian religious history. Ngari Prefecture also has five world-class tourist sites, 18 State class ones, 48 regional level ones. Tourism has grown into a major contributor to local economic growth.

Ngari Travel Attractions
Guge Ruins
Lake Manasarovar
Mount Kailash
Tirthapura Hot Springs
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