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Nagqu, Tibet Travel Lhasa trip
Nagqu, Tibet tour China Travel
Nagqu, Tibet tour Lhasa Travel
Nagqu, Tibet Travel China tour

Nagqu Prefecture lies in northern Tibet abutting Xinjiang and Qinghai. Its total area is 286,500 square km. More than 98 percent of its population is Tibetan and their main livelihood is livestock breeding.

The central and western parts of Nagqu belong to Changtang, lying at an average elevation of over 4,500 meters. Maintaining a primitive ecology, the prefecture is dotted with some 1,000 rippling lakes including Nam Co, Serling Co and Tangra Yumco, as well as many hot springs and geothermal fields. It is richly endowed with minerals, oil and natural gas. There are over 20 animal species subject to State first and second-class protection. Major special products include oxen and sheep wool, Cashmere goat wool, caterpillar fungus, snow lotus flower, caladium and musk. Major scenic spots include the Shaten Monastery located in Nagqu County, Arza Lake and Drongyul Township Scenic Area in Jiali County, Nujiang River scenic area and Bomphan Primitive Forests in Biru County, as well as the Batang Monastery of the Bon religion, Lungkar and Lupug monasteries.

Nagqu Travel Attractions
Namtso Lake
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