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Home >> Caruola Glaciers

Caruola Glaciers

Caruola GlaciersCard if the pull glaciers located in Shannan Prefecture Langkazi County and Gyangze County at the junction, about 71 km from Gyantse County, is one of the three continental glaciers in Tibet, to the east Nianchu source. From Yangzhuoyongcuo out across 4330 m of Smila Yamaguchi came after the card if the pull-down glacier tongue. 5560 m above sea frontier tongue, watching the card if the pull glaciers altitudes of about 5400 meters, at about 5600 m north of Yamaguchi zone, is Noijin Kangsang glacial drift southward after the formation of the hanging glacier.

Card if the pull back one of the glaciers in Tibet four peak is Qinkang Sang peak (7191 meters) on the southern slope, the upper part of the glacier is a gentler slopes of the ice cap, the lower part was hanging glacier in the form of two tongue. Since the leading edge of the glacier bedrock rolling hills, prompting the leading edge of the top of the tongue slowly moving ice rifting occurs. Snow and ice melting rifting along the ice, forming spectacular and varied Bing Talin. On the white dust of snow due to the Bing Talin shows various cloud roll strange folds, like fine craftsmen meticulously carved motifs. Glacial tongue at the leading edge of the rock plateau seen several up to 10 meters wide and 10-20 cm, 8-10 cm deep wedge scratches parallel distribution, which is a rare sign of other glaciers, shaped like a bed rail.

Huge clouds hung in the balance at the glacier from the top, has been extended to only a few hundred meters from the road side of the road, glistening in the faint, be filled with a dash of cold wind feeling. Although the years affected the road dust, the whole glacier was black and white layered form, but the upper half of the glaciers in the sunshine, like a giant thangka hanging on the hillside, brilliant.

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