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Home >> Niyang Pavilion travel information and tour

Niyang Pavilion

Niyang PavilionNepalese foreign Pavilion is located in Nyingchi Bayi Town Mother milk pre-service side, is a high 36.9-meter-high Tibetan architecture, Tibet's first loft, then the cloth is legendary king of Tibet, the local Bon religion Kaishanzushi oct Rao Miwo missionary built a palace, its architectural style can be called one of the Nyingchi area building masterpiece. On boarding Court, overlooking the whole picture of Bayi town, can be seen on the biggest Niyang cross the bridge, Mother milk two wetlands, but also looking at Abu heap beads, than the Japanese mountain, Luo Lai Shan, Tiger Hill, poor cloth by roots mountain gods.

Nepalese foreign Genei, southeastern Tibet Intangible Cultural Museum and China first Menba Loba and Cultural Exhibition Hall settled into account. Ocean House in Southeastern Nigeria, there are cultural Exposition, the first Tibetan Intangible Cultural Museum and China first Menba Loba and Cultural Exhibition Hall is set in the Nepalese foreign Genei.

Museum is divided into 14 exhibition halls, respectively, from more than a dozen aspects of national costumes, farming culture, hunting culture, religion, architecture and art, showcasing the various ethnic groups in southeastern Tibet's traditional folk culture. The museum has a collection of the cloth area most representative of the original production tools and living utensils, showcases the unique Tibetan cloth workers, Loba, Monba, Cheng and several other groups of people living customs and traditions.

Intangible cultural interpretation zone, skillful folk artists live shows eight wooden lid lock, the cloth Bi show, Thangka, traditional Tibetan incense, Medog stone pot, Yigong knives, Loba, Menba bamboo and other production techniques, tourists field Arts and hands-on participation, experience the unique charm of Tibetan traditional crafts.

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